Welcome to the official site for Rednex, famous for No.1 hits such as Cotton Eye Joe,
Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Very few artists have managed to stay on the charts for more than 15 YEARS!!! Rednex have. We got dozens of releases in our baggage, a handful of No.1's and enough gold and platinum discs to build a huge bridge over a very very small pond. Quite an achievement for a bunch of scooges, huh?! Do you know why??!! DO YOU KNOW WHY??!! No??!! … what a pity cause neither do we... we wish we would know why cause then we could tell you...


Anyway, below you can check out every Rednex song and album that someone was foolish enough to release to the public. If you want to listen or download them, you can click here. To do so, you need to be a member with us, it is free and a lot of fun and it can be done here.




2010 - Devil's On The Loose

2008 -   (syntax error... file missing...)

2007 - Looking For A Star

2007 - Anyway You Want Me

2007 - Fe Fi (The Old Man Died)

2006 - Mama Take Me Home

2002 - Cotton Eye Joe 2002

2001 - The Chase

2000 - Hold Me For A While

2000 - Spirit Of The Hawk

1999 - The Way I Mate

1997 - Riding Alone

1995 - Rolling Home

1995 - Wild'N Free

1995 - Wish You Were Here

1994 - Old Pop In An Oak

1994 - Cotton Eye Joe




2010 - Saturday Night Beaver (tbc)

2003 - The Best Of The West

2000 - Farm Out

1995 - Sex & Violins